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Building Australia’s offshore wind industry

Partnering with Australia to build a new offshore wind industry

Australia has all the key ingredients to become a renewable energy superpower. As the world’s first, largest and most experienced offshore wind developer, Ørsted is ready to partner with Australia to harness the abundant wind resources off its coastlines.

And it all begins in Gippsland, Victoria, the nation’s first offshore wind region. Our vision for Gippsland is a thriving green energy powerhouse – one that creates jobs, economic growth and local opportunities for generations to come.

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What will it take to build Australia’s offshore wind energy industry? 

Ørsted’s vision is to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. But it’s not just about reaching our collective goal – it’s also about the route we take to get there.

We’re committed to building a local supply chain that drives economic activity in Victoria. This means attracting suppliers to invest with us and working with existing businesses in Australia to shape a new industry together.

We want everyone in Australia to benefit. We’re committed to working with local communities and education providers to train new talent and provide opportunities for existing workers to transfer into the industry.

And with our build-own-operate business model, we intend to be a long-term partner for Australia. We’ll take full responsibility for all phases of the offshore wind farm’s lifecycle, from project planning to operations and maintenance.

Case study: Discover how offshore wind has transformed Grimsby, a coastal town in the UK, creating renewable energy jobs and driving billions of pounds of economic development into the community.


Building a long-term green workforce 

We want to set the standard for a new green energy industry that works for Australians. Our project will create up to 6,000 jobs in the initial phase, nurturing local talent through our technical knowledge and skills transfer programmes.

The offshore wind industry holds huge potential for experienced professionals and those just entering the workforce. Ørsted is committed to ensuring that the offshore wind sector enables workers from all walks of life to join this exciting industry.

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Offshore wind construction workers


Developing a strong supply chain

Building a new offshore wind industry in Australia means developing a strong supply chain from the ground up. This will create opportunities for local suppliers, from construction and manufacturing to transport and shipping. It also means investing in local facilities, creating thousands of highly skilled jobs, and developing an end-to-end local supply chain.

We’ve already seen interest from around 250 Australian businesses and priority screening will be granted to aboriginal businesses when developing the supply chain at all phases of the project.


Offshore wind construction


Funding new facilities and infrastructure

Ørsted’s commitment to building an offshore wind industry also entails driving billions of dollars towards local economic development.




Treating people and land with respect

Ørsted acknowledges the Gunaikurnai people’s spiritual connection to their lands, waters and sky. Since the first sunrise, the Gunaikurnai people have cared for and nurtured this sacred land on which our projects will be developed.

We will embrace the legacy of their ancestors by valuing the resilient culture they have maintained for thousands of years. Together, we will build an authentic relationship that enables their direct benefit.


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Ushering in a new era for Australia 

As the global leader in offshore wind, Ørsted has unparalleled experience and a proven track record in bringing about large-scale green transformation. We know what needs to be done because we've done it before. So far we’ve built 33 offshore wind farms across Europe, APAC and the US – on time, on budget, and under the safest conditions.

With over three decades of experience and more than 1,800 offshore wind turbines installed at sea, we are the only developer with the technological capabilities required to get Gippsland up and running as Australia’s first offshore wind region.

Financial capabilities
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Ørsted Gippsland offshore wind farm cluster

Explore our proposal for Australia's first offshore wind farm, as well as the benefits it will bring to communities, the economy and the environment.

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