Strengthening local communities through renewable energy

At Ørsted, we want to make a lasting impact through real investments and long-term partnerships with local communities and traditional owners.

Over the past several years, we’ve invested billions supporting the build-out of local offshore wind industries around the globe. That means investing in local facilities, creating thousands of high-skilled jobs, and developing an end-to-end, export-orientated local supply chain.

Creating jobs

Wherever we go, we look to create local, well-paid jobs that stimulate the Australian economy and help meet growing energy needs across the country.

As well as making opportunities in clean energy accessible to Australia’s skilled workforce, we’re also committed to growing the existing workforce through educational and development initiatives

Three Ørsted colleagues, one wearing a pink blouse, the second a green jacket and the third wearing a suit, having an amicable conversation.

Developing the workforce 

As part of a Just Transition, we all have a responsibility to be involved in up- and reskilling Australia’s current workforce.

We take an active role in developing talents for the green transformation through apprenticeships, scholarships and training programs. We’re also invested in helping workers transition into the renewable energy industry.

In the communities in which we operate, we sponsor local teachers to attend trainings on how to incorporate STEM activities in their classrooms. It’s our hope that this inspires the next generation of clean energy workers.

Building a competitive local supply chain

We are committed to developing competitive local supply chains that not only build, operate and maintain local wind farms, but also impact other markets in which we operate. Ørsted works closely with local companies to implement significant infrastructure projects, thus helping to generate regional economic development.

Maximum value can only be delivered by project owners that stay with the project, and with Australia for the long-term. We hold events to connect with interested businesses near our projects and bring our strategic suppliers to our events so that more opportunities for local suppliers can be discovered.


How do offshore wind turbines work? 

Learn how a simple scientific principle combines with cutting-edge technology to capture the natural energy of the ocean breeze and power our homes and businesses

Our vision

Let’s create a world that runs entirely on green energy